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Beyond the Journal   Young Children, March 2005

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Kindergarten and Beyond

Educators working on behalf of children in Kindergarten through grade three have a special set of interests and concerns. In this issue of Beyond the Journal, we are pleased to offer our readers two articles published exclusively on this Web site: Kristie Kaurez comprehensively reviews kindergarten policies across the country and Jean Ann Clyde and Mark W.F. Condon provide insight into the learning process involved in reading-like behavior.

Also in this issue: a student teacher describes the learning experiences of first graders' explorations with hissing cockroaches in the classroom; a piece about the transition to kindergarten for children with disabilities; a review of the researched based principles behind excellent kindergarten programs; a list of book pairs that help link math and literacy for first graders; and a comprehensive resource list related to the Kindergarten and Beyond theme, including live links to relevant Web sites.

See what's inside the March issue of Young Children:
Table of Contents, March 2005


·State Kindergarten Policies: Straddling Early Learning and Elementary School/by Kristie Kauerz
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·Celebrating Young Learners at Work: Valuing Reading-Like Behavior/by Jean Anne Clyde and Mark W.F. Condon
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·To Run, Stomp, or Study: Hissing Cockroaches in the Classroom/by Katrina M. Korte with Laura Jane Fielden and Josephine C. Agnew
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·Collaborative Steps: Paving the Way to Kindergarten for Young Children with Disabilities/by Amanda Fenlon
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·Why We Care about the K in K-12/by collaborating organizations: AFT and CCW/AFTEF, CCSSO, ECS, NAESP, NEA, and NAEYC
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·Selected Book Pairs for Linking Math and Literacy/by Phyllis Whitin and David J. Whitin
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·Print and Online Resources on Kindergarten and Beyond
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