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Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)

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Developmentally Appropriate Practice and Intentionality

Due to technical difficulties, we have to delay the release of DAP and Intentionality. We anticipate releasing the program next week - the week of Monday June 15th. Please check on Monday to get the updates. We regret the delay and are sorry for any inconvenience to you. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice and Intentionality is designed as a five-part, self-paced, interactive learning opportunity, and can be used by individuals as a self-study resources or by faculty and trainers for courses and workshops. This Web-based resource is the second in a three-part series on the new DAP.

Who is it for? Early childhood educators who provide care and education for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and primary grade children, as well as center- and school-based program administrators, teacher educators, researchers, and others interested in high-quality programs for young children.

What topics are covered? Introduction to intentionality; intentionality in curriculum, teaching, and assessment; teaching strategies in early childhood programs; intentionality and different learning formats; and adaptations in being intentional with different age groups.

What does it look like? For each topic, the learner will:

  • Watch a video that focuses on an element of intentionality
  • Have opportunities to reflect on the concepts presented and extend your learning
  • Download and print resources to further extend your learning about DAP and Intentionality
  • Participate in a Webseminar based on your role: Teacher and Family Child Care Provider; Faculty and Trainers; Early Childhood Program Administrator
  • Participate in discussions with your colleagues through online community forums

What does it cost? For the Developmentally Appropriate Practice and Intentionality five-part video program + interactive opportunities to reflect and extend your learning + downloadable resources + one Webseminar + the online community = $60 / $48 for NAEYC Members.

To register with the membership discount, you will need a coupon code. Send your name and NAEYC membership number to to receive the reduced rate. You must have the coupon prior to beginning the registration process.

Useful Links

For the NAEYC position statements cited in Developmentally Appropriate Practice, 3d ed:

For the PowerPoint slides from When DAP Meets GAP: Strategies for Promoting Peaceful Coexistence between Developmentally Appropriate Practice and the Need to Address the Achievement Gap, Dorothy Strickland’s featured session at the November 2008 Annual Conference in Dallas.