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Principles for Steps and Requirements for the New NAEYC Accreditation System

The steps and requirements should:

Be based on the presumption of substantial compliance-no program should be expected to meet every criterion;

Accommodate diversity of program types and auspices that participate in NAEYC's early childhood program accreditation system;

Accommodate the diversity of ways in which programs demonstrate commitment to high-quality programming as it relates to their community and program context and the performance expectations for NAEYC Accreditation;

Affirm program continuous improvement as an essential premise of NAEYC's early childhood program accreditation system;

Recognize, affirm and incorporate the importance of programs' and assessors' professional judgment;

Make it possible for assessors to be trained to acceptable levels of individual and inter-rater reliability;

Reflect a decision-making process that is clear and logical to the accreditation system's users and stakeholders.